Sodium bicarbonate, 500g 10583381


Sodium bicarbonate, 99.5%, for analysis, Thermo Scientific Chemicals

500 g, Plastic bottle


Melting Point 270.0°C
Color White
Physical Form Fine Crystalline Powder
Quantity 500 g
Assay Percent Range 99.50%
Linear Formula NaHCO3
Fieser 03,260; 05,595; 11,476; 17,180
Merck Index 15, 8719
Solubility Information Solubility in water: 9 g/100mL (20°C). Other solubilities: 16.4 g/100mL water (60°C), insoluble in alcohol
IUPAC Name sodium;hydrogen carbonate
Formula Weight 84.01
Percent Purity 99.5%
Grade Analytical
Packaging Plastic bottle
Chemical Name or Material Sodium bicarbonate


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