Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 300

The Game Changer

Developed for a wide range of applications, ViscoQC 300 ensures the quality of your substance – from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples – by delivering fully traceable viscosity results with a Peltier device for the most precise sample temperature control – right at your fingertips. Starting from a multi-point viscosity measurement for your respective purpose, your system is upgradeable with compliance (21 CFR Part 11) and/or additional analysis software to meet your future needs. Further, improve your process with the optional sample bar code scanner and data processing via LIMS Bridge software.

Innovation and quality – this is what ViscoQC 300 stands for.

Touch viscometer for immediate start-up right out of the box

  • Unpack and measure right away as ViscoQC 300 is already assembled when delivered
  • Intuitive alignment check: Built-in digital leveling ensures correct instrument and Peltier system alignment
  • Relative spindles (L, RH) according to ISO 2555 included in standard delivery
  • Optional DIN and vane spindles available to fit to your applications
  • Keep your workspace tidy by positioning up to 7 spindles in the spindle rack
  • 7” touchscreen glass display which can be easily operated, even with gloves

Fast and simple setup reaches fully traceable viscosity quality control

  • Built-in magnetic coupling: for easy attachment/exchange of spindles
  • Automatic spindle recognition: Toolmaster™ prevents spindle selection errors
  • Automatic guard detection: TruGuard™ documents attached guard
  • Simplify daily routines by connecting a keypad and mouse
  • Air-counter-cooled Peltier system for accurate sample temperature control (+15 °C to + 80 °C)
  • Monitor your sample temperature with a Pt100 sensor (-60 °C to +300 °C)

Designed to get outstanding results in multi-point viscosity checks

  • T-Ready™: Peltier temperature device automatically signals sample temperature equilibration for reduced waiting time
  • Auto speed function: Unique TruMode™ finds best speed to measure unknown samples
  • 7” touchscreen with intuitive user interface and predefined methods
  • User calibration: Spindle correction factor storable on Toolmaster™
  • Customize your methods: QC-limit function, user instructions, and more
  • Control your measurements either by speed or by shear rate
  • Increase sample throughput using disposable aluminum cups (D18)
  • Prolonged spindle lifetime thanks to high chemical resistance of stainless steel AISI 316L

Conveniently manage sample data and dynamic viscosity results

  • Easy input of sample data to the instrument by optional bar code scanner
  • Transfer your data to your network by LIMS Bridge to further process it
  • Directly export results from instrument data storage as pdf or csv
  • Free V-Collect data collection software included in every standard delivery
  • DYMO® LabelWriter™ for direct printout after measurement
  • Print results from ViscoQC 300 to a page printer (USB or network)


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