The world’s most successful rheometer series

The MCR rheometer series from Anton Paar offers you one thing first and foremost: an open range of possibilities. Whatever your rheological requirements are and will be in the future – based on its modular setup, your MCR rheometer is efficiently and comfortably adapted to meet your needs, from routine quality control to high-end R&D applications.

Modularity to meet all needs

Whatever your rheological applications are and will be in the future – Anton Paar rheometers are quickly and easily adapted to meet your needs. Changing a cone-plate measuring system for concentric cylinders is just as easy as connecting a new temperature device or extending your rheometer’s capabilities with a wide range of application-specific accessories.

Your key to accuracy – the EC motor technology

The air-bearing-supported synchronous EC motor is the key component of an Anton Paar rheometer. Whether you perform zeroshear viscosity determinations on low-viscosity polymer solutions or measure highly viscous magnetorheological fluids at high shear rates and strains, the EC motor ensures accuracy across a vast viscosity range.

Patented features that take work off your hands

Anton Paar rheometers have been developed over decades with one thing in mind: you, the user. By now, our rheometers take a lot of typically challenging work off your hands based on an array of patented features such as Toolmaster™ for automatic tool recognition and configuration, TruGap™ for automatic gap control, and T-Ready™ for automatic control of the actual sample temperature.

New paths for your applications – the RheoCompass™ software

Anton Paar’s new RheoCompass™ software is the most innovative and up-to-date rheometer software available on the market. Designed for intuitive use, RheoCompass™ enables application-oriented template filtering, customized test and analysis definitions, highly simplified data retrieval, and much more.

Experienced experts close to you

Anton Paar’s worldwide service network ensures that an expert on your system is always close by. Thousands of installed instruments around the globe, an extensive application database, and numerous published works by our rheology experts clearly show that Anton Paar is the first choice for answering any rheological question you may have.



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