Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets

Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs) provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Also for use with antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, carcinogens, allergens and other substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates.

Purifier Cell Logic+ Class II, Type A2 BSCs address the unique needs of cell research. Some models have a modified sash that accommodates a microscope. Other models have a temperature-controlled work area on the work surface to keep cells at the proper temperature for viability.

Both Purifier Logic+ and Cell Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets have the same airflow pattern to achieve personnel and product protection. During operation, room air is drawn into the inlet grille at the work access opening and through a supply HEPA filter. Approximately 70% of the HEPA-filtered air is circulated through the cabinet, while 30% passes through an exhaust HEPA filter and is discharged.



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