Atomic Force Microscopes – Tosca

Reduce your time-to-result with the Tosca AFM

The Tosca series uniquely combines premium technology with time-efficient operation, making this AFM a perfect nanotechnology analysis tool for scientists and industrial users alike.

Choose between two different models: Tosca 400, a large-sample, premium AFM, or Tosca 200, an AFM for medium-sized samples, and limited budgets. Both provide the same level of performance, flexibility, and quality.

Every Tosca comes with: three years warranty, three vouchers for user trainings, and vouchers for detailed measurement reports on up to ten samples of your choice.

Enjoy great orientation skills: Automatic laser alignment

A very important but also complex step when performing AFM measurements is the laser alignment. This can be quite time-consuming, not only but especially for inexperienced users. Therefore, Tosca series provides a fully automatic laser alignment function: After loading the cantilever onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, the instrument carries out the laser alignment automatically after just two clicks in the control software.

Rely on your measurements: Minimized out-of-plane motion

With the decoupled XY- & Z-scanner architecture, the XY-scanner is placed under the sample while the Z-scanner is placed in the instrument head. This instrument design leads to a very low cross talk between the scanners and a very low out-of-plane motion, which is a known drawback of conventional AFM systems with a tube scanner, which leads to the typical background curvature or “bow”. The Tosca series has an out-of-plane motion up to 20 times lower than available tube-scanner AFMs.

Get the whole view: Large scan area combined with highest accuracy

With an X-Y scan range of up to 100 µm and a Z-range of up to 15 µm, you have the flexibility to image wide areas of samples with large topography changes. The click-and-move navigation of the Tosca Control software helps you quickly and accurately select the area of interest.




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