OpenLab CDS EZChrom Edition

OpenLab CDS EZChrom provides superior control of Agilent LC and GC instruments, plus the most complete control of other vendors’ instruments.

  • Full control of Agilent LC and GC instruments – Provides unmatched control of Agilent instruments.
  • Most complete control of other vendors’ instruments – Provides same user experience.
  • Accelerate data processing and review – Eliminate manual steps, process and view large data sets significantly faster.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities – Build more meaningful reports using powerful and intuitive “drag-and-drop” capabilities.
  • View your entire lab at a glance – View the status of all your instruments in the CDS network from a single user interface.
  • A scalable architecture that allows the system grow with your lab.
  • On-demand learning tools – Get staff up to speed quickly.


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