Cary 610/620 FTIR Microscopes

FTIR Microscopes & Imaging Systems

Agilent have discontinued the line of Cary 600 series infrared microscopy (Cary 610-FTIR) and chemical imaging systems (Cary 620-FTIR). This includes the Cary 610 and Cary 620 Microscopes and Cary 660 and Cary 670 spectrometers and relevant accessories. Replacing the Cary 600 series is the 8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System. Laser Direct Infrared Imaging (LDIR) provides a rapid and simplified path to molecular imaging using Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) coupled with rapidly scanning optics, replacing the globar based interferometer and focal plane array detectors of traditional FTIR imaging systems. Agilent’s 8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System provides high quality imaging and spectral data in the compositional analysis of pharmaceutical tablets, microplastics, laminates, tissues, and fibers.




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