6′ Paramount Ductless Enclosure, Tall

Paramount Ductless Enclosures are self-contained work stations, also known as ductless fume hoods, that use carbon filters to rid the laboratory of annoying or unsafe concentrations of organic solvents, formaldehyde, acid gases, ammonia, or radioisotopes. Unlike traditional fume hoods, they require no ducting so they can be moved from lab to lab. Paramount Ductless Enclosures are capable of using both carbon and 99.99% efficient HEPA filters for removing gaseous and particulate contaminants. Filters used in the Paramount are sold separately and come in seven types Ammonia-Amine, Acid-Sulfur, Organic Vapor, Formaldehyde-Formalin, Radioisotope, Mixed Bed and HEPA. Receive a technical analysis of the right product for your application with our Chemical Assessment form.


  • Region: U.S. and Canada
  • Conformance: ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, CAN/CSA C22.2, SEFA 1, UL
  • Exhaust volume: 60 fpm (350 CFM), 80 fpm (465 CFM), or 100 fpm (580 CFM) with sash opening of 12.0″
  • Filters Available: Acid-Sulfur, Organic Vapor, HEPA, Radioisotope, Mixed Bed, Formaldehyde, Ammonia-Amine
  • Interior Height: 32.0″
  • Nominal Width: 6′
  • Outside ducting: Optional
  • Required accessories: 8 Carbon or HEPA Filters


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 660.0 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 299.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 72″ w x 29″ d x 53″ h
  • Dimensions metric: 183 x 74 x 135 cm
  • Electr


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