1260 Infinity II Preparative LC/MSD System



The 1260 Infinity II Preparative LC/MSD System can be configured with UV and MS detectors as well as multiple fraction collectors to meet your purification needs. Automated sample injection increases daily sample throughput and mass-based fraction collection maximizes purity and minimizes re-analysis.

Maximize your flexibility in fraction size while focusing solely on your target compounds, reducing the number of collected fractions to optimize fraction collection capacity utilization.

  • Preparative LC/MSD system with fully automated sample injection with a capacity of 132 samples to increase your daily throughput, maximize purity and minimize reanalysis time by mass-based purification
  • Keep the maximum flexibility in fraction size while focusing solely on your target compounds to minimize reanalysis time
  • Highly reliable and robust LC system improve your ability to manage ever-increasing workload demand
  • Dynamic flow range up to 50 mL/min at maximum 420 bar allows versatile application within a wide range of semipreparative workflows
  • Fully automated vial sampler supporting 2 mL and 6 mL sample vials with a maximum capacity up to 132 vials – injection of sample volumes from 0.1 µL to 3.6 mL is the ideal injector for routine sample purification without user interaction
  • Lowest delay volume to minimize peak dispersion and carry-over for the highest sample recovery and purity
  • Fully upgradable to enhance the system’s capabilities and functionality based on your demand, with up to 648 fractions within the same footprint
  • Clean software infrastructure through Agilent OpenLab CDS ChemStation for familiar and reliable operation
  • Integrated leak sensor in each module shuts down the whole system, providing additional safety when detecting a leak


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