Agilent and the Ancient American Migration

Have you had your DNA tested to learn your ethnic history?  Archaeological scientists are doing this on a massive scale to study the first Americans.  U.S. researchers studied genomic data from 49 ancient Americans, including several specimens 11,000 years old. The...

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Career Advice from an Agilent Executive

Nina Green’s 30+ year career in healthcare includes executive positions at Quest Diagnostics, Novartis and GE Healthcare.  She is now an Agilent vice president and general manager of our Companion Diagnostics business. Why did Ms. Green choose Agilent? “Agilent is a...

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Aerobic Exercise Benefits Your Brain as Well as Your Body

The coming holiday season can be stressful for some.  Here’s food for thought: A new study finds that aerobic exercise inhibits inflammatorygenes and boosts anti-inflammatory genes.  It also boosts genes that contribute to brain health. Aerobic exercise – also known...

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New compound can help to tackle depression

A new compound has been identified to tackle depression. Researchers in the Intramural Research Program at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore highlighted the benefits of hydroxynorketamine (HNK) in helping people cope with depression. The drug has been found...

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Randox Laboratories One Net Business

Connect Telecom is delighted to announce our latest One Net Business customer, Randox Laboratories. This initial 5 premises deal is our biggest to date and one of Vodafone’s largest. “It’s been a long and lengthy negotiation…It was delivered on service and that’s how...

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